Thursday, March 15, 2012

Christian Best Man Speech

Typically best man speeches are supposed to be humorous and entertaining, but every now in then, you will run across a traditional Christian wedding where the informality of a funny best man speech may go as far to offend the relatives and guests. If you have been asked to be a best man in a extremely formal Christian wedding and reception, then you will be expected to give a Christian best man speech.

Normally the situation is known way before time, whether it's the groom's family or the bride's family (or both), the Christian wedding is expected. You, as the best man, were probably informed of the wedding type when asked to be the best man. Hopefully, you are a Christian yourself; otherwise you may want to consider handing your duties off to someone else.

If you are a Christian, then you should have no problem writing and delivering a Christian Best Man Speech. You have the basic knowledge of Christianity, plus you practice the religion, so nothing should offend you. Remember not to include too much of your personal belief though because there are different branches of Christianity, and since religion is so controversial, it is best to stick just to the basics of Christianity.

Since the best man speeches are generally the most entertaining speech, you can still keep that vibe, but just minus some of the humor. It is still a good idea to try and make the audience laugh, but most likely it will be in very different ways. Lame jokes and wedding sayings are the best ways to entertain an audience during a Christian Best Man Speech.

Also, when writing a Christian Best Man Speech consider using some bible verses about wedding or unions, and maybe even include the Adam and Eve story. If you are going to do this though, take the proper precautions. Ask the groom which version of the Bible to use, this will ensure that you won't be offending anyone at the wedding.

Even though you are delivering a Christian Best Man Speech, you can still include some humor about the groom. Be sure to avoid inappropriate jokes or sarcasm because the guests may not react to it well, but harmless jokes can be entertaining, even though they are not nearly as funny.

If you are lost on what to say during a best man speech and still be entertaining and funny, read some Christian Best Man Speech Examples. They are great resources to writing any best man speech. You will be able to use their lines, plus you may even be inspired for your own jokes or stories!

A great way to still be entertaining during Christian Best Man speeches is to find common wedding jokes used in best man speeches, but change them to fit the wedding style. You can personalize it more, that way it matches up directly with the bride and groom, plus you can take out any inappropriate parts that may offend the family and guests.

Good luck writing your Christian Best Man Speech!

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