Friday, March 16, 2012

How To Start A Best Man Speech

How to start a best man speech? Well, starting a best man speech by giving a formal or not so formal introduction of yourself seems to the safest way to start a best man speech. But that's probably not you are keen to know about at the moment. You must be wondering how to start a best man speech after you have introduced yourself to the audience, right?

First and foremost, make sure you are able to grab the guests' attention from the word go. The best way to do is by standing up and gently tinkling a fork or spoon against an empty goblet. Hold back until the entire hall settles down and then you start off nicely by introducing yourself to the audience. Now if you are ready we can move to the main point of this article where I would try to give you a few tips starting a best man speech.

Starting a best man speech (that is after you let the guests know who you are) can be a daunting task. If you've been chosen as the best man, then congratulations; you've been selected as that special someone to sum up the life and love of the new husband and wife. Best man speeches can range from a monologue of thoughtful and loving words to humorous stories of the bride and groom or even recalling the past from before they met. The most important thing to remember when starting a best man speech is to have a plan. Do you want your best man speech to reflect upon your childhood days before the happy couple met? Would you rather excite the crowd with giddy laughter? Or will your best man speech send the couple off with promising thoughts for an adventurous future? Whatever the case may be, decide ahead of time what you want to portray when deciding how to start a best man speech.

A good best man speech combines love, laughter and life all in one discourse that gives the new couple and their wedding guests a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. When thinking about how to start a best man speech, consider telling the story of how the couple met. Did they fall in love at first sight? Or did it take awhile for them to win each other over? Best man speeches often contain that special story of when the new husband and wife first started to date, and if this story is appropriate for the wedding audience, then it would be a great inclusion in your best man speech.

If humor is what you choose to focus on in your best man speech, remember not to hurt anyone's feelings or put them down just for a laugh. Starting a humorous best man speech can be tough, but some of the finest best man speeches are the funny ones. Perhaps you can recall a funny story that includes the groom, the bride or both. How you start your humorous best man speech can be anything from a joke or riddle to a funny childhood story. But again, keep in mind that you must not hurt anyone's feelings or embarrass them. This is a wedding, not a standup comedy show!

Sweet and loving memories are also a great way to start a best man speech. Have you know the groom since childhood? Did he dream of that girl he would someday meet and fall in love with? If so, this is a great inclusion in a best man speech. Remember, the bride and groom's families, friends and closest loved ones will all be there, so sweet stories are always winners. When you're starting a best man speech, consider including a word or two about how the groom now has two best friends. You are now sharing him with the bride and your obligation is not just as his best man, but his best friend in life and his bride is his best friend in love.

Think about all the different angles you can take in how to start a best man speech. Will you start your best man speech with a toast to the happy couple? This can be a great icebreaker that puts you and the audience at ease. From there, you can continue your best man speech in any direction. Your best man speech should reflect your relationship with the groom while also respecting the bride and their relationship. How to start a best man speech is up to you, but keep in mind that you are there to honor the precious bond of marriage between the new bride and groom.

No matter what avenue you choose, the best man speech sets a tone for the wedding and hopefully a happy marriage. Do not to start a best man speech too intoxicated. If you're not in control of your speech, even the best laid plans are worthless! Being a best man is an honor that cannot be taken lightly. Starting a best man speech should be a tribute of love and admiration to the happy couple and their new bond. A great best man speech portrays the special relationship that you have with the groom while also saying thank you to the bride for loving him just as much. The live, love and laughter contained in your best man speech should contain all that you wish for the marriage and lifetime of the bride and groom. Cheers and raise your glasses to the best man!

Lastly, if you really want a very confident start to your best man speech, you may want to check these best man speech openings and closings.

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